Film Set

CyberSmart Education films in Doha, Qatar to create uniquely customized learning resources.

Digital literacy instruction moves into daily classroom learning

In a ground-breaking innovation, CyberSmart Education worked with our MENA client to embed digital literacy and cyber safety instruction directly into daily subject-area content learning. Supporting the Arabic, English and Ethics curricula, CyberSmart employed active learning strategies to provide students opportunities to practice their new digital literacy skills within the context of daily classroom learning.


Crew and Actors

Uniquely customized

CyberSmart’s deep content knowledge allowed us to easily customize digital literacy topics to directly meet the needs of the teachers by aligning all to their curriculum standards.  100+Multi-media resources coupled with 300 short learning activities encourage students to develop online critical thinking and decision making skills while giving teachers the flexibility to meet their daily instructional objectives. 


Jeremy and Actor

Integrated instruction rests on core values

Other programs teach cyber safety as a separate subject. We believe it’s not so complicated. We think it’s simply having students reflect on their core values and learn how to bring these values online. Each activity and learning resource CyberSmart creates contributes to building a foundation for helping students make thoughtful choices. This enables them to approach new online situations with confidence and clarity.  This also empowers the community of parents by reinforcing their valuable role.


Jeremy and Chris

Alignment to your local needs

Videos, animations, sound files, worksheets, interactive quizzes. We’ve done them all to create learning resources and activities correlated directly to curriculum standards. We have the cross functional international teams (curriculum, design, technology, project management and product management) to ensure the alignment of your local vision and your local needs.