Next generation African Teachers are key to Telco growth and Education.

The next generation of African teachers will be a key customer segment for telcos as they are already likely to be connected with smartphones, buying their own bandwidth and are part of the largest, most stable, salaried professional workforce on the African continent. And their numbers are growing with the booming youth population.

Russell Southwood of The Balancing Act- the primary source for information on Technology, Media and telecoms industries in Africa talks to Jim Teicher of CyberSmart Africa about the findings of a first-time-ever survey he conducted among 300 new teachers fresh out of teacher training colleges in Senegal.

Africa’s important business opportunities and a surprising key market segment

“Africa’s fast-growing population presents important opportunities for business in an environment of slowing global growth”  notes the highly respected  Brookings Institution.

Insights from Cybersmart Africa’s recent survey of 300 new Senegalese teachers at #AfricaCom reveals a definable market segment offering what Brookings calls “the potential for business to play a transformative role in solving the continent’s biggest challenges.” Jim Teicher CEO CyberSmart reveals surprising survey findings at #AfricaCom 2019 on November 12 15;20


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The Importance of Teachers as Customers

Why are teachers among the most important customers for Telecoms? Jim Teicher CEO CyberSmart reveals finding from recent 300 teacher survey at #AfricaCom 2019 on November 12 15;20