February 25, 2022 Jim Teicher

2022 Plans and 2021 Accomplishments by Jim Teicher, Founder CyberSmart Africa

2022 PLANS: Pivoting in New Directions

Introducing Projet Sante a l’Ecole –  A massively scalable initiative for immediate impact

Covid-19 was a huge wake-up call for Senegalese schools: Schools became the front line – the most obvious place to ease the burden on the already stressed healthcare system. Leveraging CyberSmart Africa’s 15 years’ experience as a changemaker in Senegal, we pivoted direction in response to the dire need for healthy schools.  This is an action-focused, massively scalable initiative designed for immediate impact.

First Aid kits, online training and learning content for schools
Schools do not have the most basic first aid knowledge or materials.  Plus, the national education curriculum is terrifyingly out-of-date on health topics and practices.

Santé à L’école’s  objective is to encourage health-conscious decisions in students,  easily measurable by increased health knowledge, increased health practices, and increased health outcomes.Initially Santé à L’école is providing first aid kits and basic first aid training for teachers.

Already in January 2022 Santé à L’école  distributed first aid kits to 19 schools and basic first aid training for teachers. Quick treatment is the fastest and most immediate school health front line need, and in a tropical climate, properly cleaning and bandaging even small injuries can easily prevent serious infections. Follow-on activities include preliminary diagnosis of vision and hearing and lessons on healthy eating and environmental health issues such as pollution.


Even during the pandemic, CyberSmart Africa  accomplished a lot!

Digital Learning – Teacher “Toilet Training”

We constructed school toilets and sinks for teachers, motivating them, and providing the respect they deserve. Imagine teachers sharing toilets with 300+ students pre-covid. Now imagine sharing toilets with the students  under the threat of COVID-19!

We also used teacher toilet “down time” to provide hours of training during COVID-19, a period when teacher professional training simply disappeared.  Teachers collaborated online to locate resources of interest to them  that we attached to the inside walls of the toilets.

Sunubibliotech Library dedication

CyberSmart Africa founder Jim Teicher participated actively as Board member in the development and 2021 launch of Sunubibliotech, the newest and largest municipal library in West Africa. The objective is to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge sharing, and inclusion in our connected world. Sunubibliotech is an ongoing strategic partner of CyberSmart Africa,



Digital learning in the classroom

CyberSmart Africa  continues to support using multimedia and the internet to extend classroom learning in Ecole Sinthiou Badane 1, CyberSmart Africa’s original pilot school.

Computers for Office Administration

The office computer – provided by CyberSmart Africa to Ecole Sinthiou Badane 1, -is now used throughout the day to manage school business, including a variety of student and teacher records and reports. It has transformed the administration of the school,  becoming  the engine that keeps the school running.

Teachers of English

Jim Teicher was a keynote guest speaker at the annual Teachers of English conference held at Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal. CyberSmart Africa sees that supporting the English language, and those involved in English language instruction, are vital to the future of connected learning in Senegal.



US Chamber of Commerce

Jim Teicher continues to assume a leadership role within the American Chamber of Commerce to strengthen American investment and influence in West Africa. The net impact can be huge, including transparency improvements, and embracing more problem solving and decision making at all levels

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