March 31, 2020 Jim Teicher

Sharing Stores in Our Connected World


STUDENTS & PARENTS: The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to look at our connected world. More than ten year ago, students attending CyberSmart Africa’s first partner school in rural Senegal wrote, narrated and filmed short one minute stories. These stories provide us with an unusually intimate window into lives far different than ours..  The students — all the first in their villages to ever attend school — reveal their thoughts and dreams for the future. As we see most clearly today – in our connected world, we can learn from each other and everyone makes a difference. Conversation prompts are below. 


  • What surprised you about the stories?
  • How is your life different from these lives of the students?
  • What else do you want to know after viewing one of these videos?
  • The students worked in teams to make the videos. What other examples of teamwork do you see when you watch the stories?
  • Take one thing you learned about Senegalese village life and compare and contrast it with your own life. What story might you tell to “answer” the story told in a Senegalese video?
  • How do your responsibilities at home or school compare to those of these Senegalese students?
  • Write a one-line movie tagline, or slogan, for each of the video stories here Make them catchy so that others will want to see the videos, too.
  • Many students in these videos talked about what they’d like to do change in their villages. If you could change one thing about your community, what would it be? What changes do you hope to see in your hometown 10 years from now? What changes do you hope to see in your country 10 years from now?
  • These stories were filmed in the village of Sinthiou Mbadane Senegal.  Where’s that? Geographically how does it compare to where you live?
  • Which one video spoke more directly to you? Why?

About the Author

Jim Teicher Jim Teicher founded CyberSmart Africa in 2007 with the single minded vision for every school to deliver a meaningful and affordable 21st century education—especially focusing on the poor schools others ignore. Jim is cofounder and CEO of CyberSmart Education (USA), a leader.. see more