July 15, 2019 Jim Teicher

WestAfricaCom Conference Keynote Panel: Closing the Skills Gap with Technology

Key note panel speaker, Jim Teicher, Director CyberSmart AFrica on the topic of “Closing the Skills Gap with Technology and Innovation” notes that ” highly innovative, practical, and massively scalable educational solutions are required to meet the pressing demands of the skyrocketing population in sub-Saharan Africa.

Two additional points  emphasized:

– To bring more women into the workforce we need to make sure that more girls go to school – and stay in school.

– Public/private partnerships are very challenging and typically unsustainable once project funding runs out. Everyone seems to agree; and now we need to turn talk into action in order to close the skills gap.

About the Author

Jim Teicher Jim Teicher founded CyberSmart Africa in 2007 with the single minded vision for every school to deliver a meaningful and affordable 21st century education—especially focusing on the poor schools others ignore. Jim is cofounder and CEO of CyberSmart Education (USA), a leader.. see more https://www.cybersmartafrica.org/about/