July 8, 2019 Jim Teicher

Millions of Lesson Plans. Valuable and Missing.

Lesson Plan

Millions of lesson plans like this are kept in teachers’ personal drawers. So why should we care? Because most schools in Sub-Saharan Africa lack books and teaching resources are few. So lessons plans and learning content is treasured.

These valuable lesson plans need to be shared. That’s what CyberSmart Africa is working on.

And it must happen sooner than later because the school-age population is skyrocketing.

About the Author

Jim Teicher Jim Teicher founded CyberSmart Africa in 2007 with the single minded vision for every school to deliver a meaningful and affordable 21st century education—especially focusing on the poor schools others ignore. Jim is cofounder and CEO of CyberSmart Education (USA), a leader.. see more https://www.cybersmartafrica.org/about/