January 16, 2019 Mala Bawer

Why are the Walls Pink?

Even though our focus is on educational technology we  are also fortunate to have numerous opportunities to help motivate students.

We just renovated an old classroom and turned the process into an exercise of critical thinking and democratic decision-making. Typically, it’s the Ministry of Education that selects the paint color,  but this time we let the students select the color options, debate the pro’s and con’s, and vote on the final selection. Vibrant pink won! 

“I would have never thought of this color,” said their teacher, Abdoulaye Ka. He reports that the empowered students speak proudly of their new classroom and are clearly more motivated as they prepare now for the elementary school passing exam.

About the Author

Mala Bawer Mala Bawer is Co-founder and Executive Director of CyberSmart! Education. She is widely recognized as a leader in the planning, development and distribution of online professional development in 21st century skills. see more https://www.cybersmartafrica.org/about/