What we do

CyberSmart Africa is a social enterprise, harnessing mobile technology to solve the biggest education challenge of the century.

 The solar panel unfolds for easy set-up. Charging the battery takes place during school hours.

Image of a classroom in Senegal

Fast growing demand fueled by demographics

The CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform delivers up-to-date learning and teaching resources to the vast majority of schools that have no electricity in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions. A game-changing solution, this all-in-one mobile device offers the world’s most advanced learning technologies, quality multimedia content and teacher training.

Device on case

Easy to use as a mobile phone

Simple to use. Simpler to maintain. Our innovative solar, low power platform integrates connectivity with an Android computer and a bright, projected interactive display to dramatically broaden the delivery of connectivity and scope of value-added telcom services to an enormous and previously unreachable user base.


How we do it

With the CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform, teachers push a single button and teach. Previously unavailable instructional materials — maps, photos, videos and up-to-date quality content — directly support classroom learning.


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 Tackling existing technology failures

Most Sub-Saharan Africa primary schools lack electricity. In the handful of schools where conventional computer labs and lap-top programs are used, too few devices serve large numbers of students. Continual power outages prohibit reliable use. Ongoing and costly maintenance issues impede timely repairs. The result? The existing technology sits unused.

Sustainable, scalable innovation. Grass-roots developed

Our strategy is based on insights from our 9-year grassroots collaboration with teachers across rural Senegal. We learned that it’s simply impossible to adapt existing commercially available technologies. The reality is that these existing technologies were not designed for use in developing countries. That’s why we created the CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform, eliminating costly structural requirements.

A proven game-changer

Our USAID Proof-of-Concept demonstrated in 9 rural Senegalese schools how the CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform effectively delivers previously unavailable instructional materials to directly support classroom learning.  Teachers gain precious classroom instructional time because they no longer have to copy lessons onto the blackboard.


Proven Digital Learning Platform

The world’s first classroom learning platform specifically designed to meet the needs of the developing world.

Quality Interactive Learning Content

  Quality content — all previously unavailable — enrich and support classroom learning.

Sustained Teacher Training

Ongoing teacher training 24/7 in research-proven best way to impact student learning.



The CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform: a solution designed for scale and sustainability.



Impact Large Photo

Built for sustainable, massive scale

Designed for scale to enable quick uptake in partnership with governments, telecoms and others. With just one single unit, the CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform currently reaches 250 students per school each day for a cost as low as $0.36/student/month. Our economic model also considers the total cost of ownership, including maintenance and teacher training.

Measurable, impact on classroom learning

Students’ engagement dramatically increases with previously unavailable instructional materials that directly supports active, learner-centered classroom instructional strategies. Teachers gain precious classroom instructional time.  

Sustain impact with training

Ongoing teacher training – the single research-proven best way to impact student learning. Educators collaborate together with CyberSmart SMS mobile-text delivered coaching, and a knowledgebase of video tutorials. torials. 


Mobile Phone






Students 2015 (250 per school)


Students 2016


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CyberSmart Africa is a for-profit social enterprise welcoming partners as funders, customers and strategic allies. We welcome inquiries from

  • Governments of developing nations.
  • The Telecom industry looking for new, sustainable ways to extend connectivity to underserved schools.
  • Providers of foreign aid for education.
  • Corporations and investors acting on their social responsibility commitment.



United States Agency for International Development. A successful multi-school proof-of concept was completed under USAID.


Senegalese Ministry of Education

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Earth Institute at Columbia University



United Nations Development Programme

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The Women’s Health Education and Prevention Strategies Alliance

  • We look forward to an ongoing collaboration … with a model that is truly sustainable and scalable expanding throughout Africa.

    Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • …. in the end it is usually the most practical solutions that find traction with teachers and students. 

    Michael Trucano, World Bank EduTech Blog post about CyberSmart Africa


Our social enterprise's world-class team of expert advisors, consultants and collaborators.

Jim Teicher, Founder CyberSmart Africa
Mala Bawer, CyberSmart Education (USA)
Molly Melching, Advisor
Matt Berg, Advisor
Momar Dieng, PhD. Advisor
Pape Momar Sow, Advisor
Helen Abadzi,PhD. Advisor
Jules Aw, Pedagogical Consultant, Senegal
Sarah Nehrling, Project Manager, Senegal
Linda English, Advisor
Julia Frazier, PhD. Advisor
Birame Ndour, School Director, Advisor, Senegal
Abdoulaye Ka, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
Mounirou Cissé, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
Emilie Ndiaye, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
Badara Ndao, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
Arona Toure, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
André Badiate, Teacher Advisor, Senegal
Roland Dietz, Business Consultant
David Saphier, Business Consultant